The Magic Ball is an amazing sex toy made for girls and guys who love being on top. It uniquely joins a dildo (or dildo/anal plug combo on the Double model) with a sturdy, inflatable cushion. The Magic Ball is the ideal bedroom accessory for men, women and couples who want spice it up behind closed doors, but want discreet storage. Once deflated, the Magic Ball can be stored under the bed.

The Magic Ball inflates like a pool toy, and has a double chamber construction for strength and durability. Two built-in handles keep you balanced and fully in control of your body movement and the ball at the same time for lots of orgasmic fun! The Magic Ball is translucent and looks as sexy as it feels. It’s available in two colors (pink and purple) and two models (dildo or dildo/anal plug combo), and holds up to 330 pounds.

The Magic Ball’s firm dildo is permanently mounted. It’s the perfect size with enough girth and shaft to satisfy, but never overwhelm. With the realistic shape, tapered head and vein-like texture on the shaft, you’ll enjoy every stroke. Double your pleasure with the Double models that also have a permanently mounted anal plug. Women can use both plugs at the same time or individually. Men can hop on the ball and use the anal plug or dildo for prostate stimulation.

Bounce in place and enjoy the deep penetrating dildo, while getting exercise and pleasured at the same time.

To clean, wipe down with mild soap and a damp cloth. Next, rinse with cold water and pat dry with a towel. The Magic Ball can be stored fully inflated or easily deflated by uncapping the air inlet and squeezing the ball until it’s deflated.

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