The magicball IS magic. With an uncanny sense of direction it makes a B-line for your P-spot.

Grip the handles and bear down as 6 inches of rubber perfection massage you prostate. While Roger rides, Robert rubs.  Two Magicballs double the fun. Boy on Boy, the magicball is heaven on a floating rubber sphere. Unique and exclusive, the magicball is you access all areas pass to infinite orgasm.

Paul is riding high and chock full of magicball. His prostate is touched by six inches or rubber manhood and stimulated like never before. He pushes, and the magicball pushes back. His face screams unbridled pleasure. He grips the handles as if life depended on it. He’s rocking with waves of pleasure and he’s hard, rock hard and dripping. Luke is poised to catch the drips, Paul’s length ever so close to his lips.  Next…Do we really have to tell you what happens next? Make your own Magicball moments.

No one has seen Steven and Brad since they purchased each other a Magicball. It’s been a week now and the only evidence that they’re at home is the constant steam on their windows. The Magicball is hot. The most unique and powerful orgasm available on the boyz market. It’s a prostate sensation like no other. It heightens an orgasm to such earth shattering levels it should come with its own orgasmic Richter scale. But plugs, vibes and cock rings are parsae. The Magicball is the new Queen of boyz toys.

The Magicball is bold, unique and quirky. It’s a bouncing climax, all consuming, with a penchant for games and unpredictability. Just like him.

Benefits at a glance

  • Of course the pair of you have used an exercise ball. It’s why you’re both so cut. Now take your exercise ball and connect two handles and a rock hard cock. Now you’re we’re talkin.
  • You’ve not shared a climax like this. EVER. You can’t have because the magic ball is new, exclusive and quite unique.
  • With the two of you and Magicball, 3 will never be a crowd
  • A simple rubber sphere you can ride with handles and a cock. Simplicity is often the best. Cum like never before.
  • Magicball is the perfect gift for your favourite boy. Show him how to use it. Show him how to ride. Guide him.
  • The magic ball is the perfect orgasmic toy for the worldly adventurous men of men, or the kittens blessed and endowed begging their sexual adventure together.

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