Pink Diamond69 is an innovative sex toy company.

The Magic Ball, is a unique and amazing product that combines exercise and pleasure for both men and women. Invented by Sexologist Dr. Bei, the Magic Ball was initially developed for female patients having trouble reaching orgasm. It was an immediate hit with Dr. Bei’s patients, so much so that Dr. Bei and his wife Sharon decided to share this amazing product with the world, and Pink Diamond69 was born.

Magic Ball has been a media sensation and has received top coverage and rave reviews on sites like Tosh2.0, Crave Online, Huffington Post and AVN, in addition to be being featured in productions from adult studios, Filly Films, Combat Zone and Hustler. It’s easy to see what the buzz is all about a sex toy that combines pleasure with an actual cardio workout. That is a 2 for 1 that every women wants getting lean while they get off. A payoff like that will have her running to get her workout on and get herself off.

Ladies if you want to get a great workout while you masturbate look for the magic ball here at the official website. Also Hustler, Doc Johnson and JT’s Stockroom currently stock the product in their stores and online retailers like Adam & Eve, Dr. Love, Honey’s Place, and East Coast News, have had great success selling the Magic Ball.

Pink Diamond69 takes your pleasure and sexual experience seriously. While giving you a new and exciting way to get in shape. 

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