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In order to protect your security, PinkDiamond69 does not store any crucial credit card data. In the event that you are not open to giving your credit card information on the web, please get in touch with us through customercare@PinkDiamond69.com and we will furnish you with a substitute system for payment. Online buy exchanges will be charged to your credit at the time you present your order request. However, the transaction will just be put through after we have confirmed your credit card data, got credit approval and affirmed presence of stock. In the event that we can’t finish your request for any reason, you will be contacted by email.

PINKDIAMOND69 allows for the following types of payment to be used for online buys:
 Paypal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard / Eurocard and Discover.

Internet orders take two business days for processing for the shipping to start. Most purchases will be delivered in 5-10 business days, however shipping days will vary from country to country.

You can track your order status by signing into your PINKDIAMOND69 account and checking your request/order history.

Your 10 year guarantee is automatically enrolled when your 1 year guarantee is enlisted. It becomes effective on the day after your 1 year guarantee lapses.

The 10-year warranty covers your product for the ten years subsequent to your 1 year warranty’s expiration date. On the off chance that you experience an issue with your PINKDIAMOND69 item inside of this time, you will get a 50% discount during your next purchase of a PINKDIAMOND69 item.

The 1-year warranty covers you up to one year after the purchase date. If there is an issue inside of this time you can guarantee and get a free substitution.