Where do you stand amongst the many pages of enticing windows, adorned with the worlds most delicious fruit?  What’s your point of difference?

The Magicball is a powerful toy that will catch his attention. Instantly he can imagine you atop of the ride of a life time, responding to the flex of the purest sexual adventure. It’s not your standard toy. It won’t be lost in a sea of yesterday’s dongs and vibrators. It screams in neon. It begs exploration and he simply won’t leave until he’s seen you ride the magic ball to its ultimate conclusion, a climax all consuming. A climax shared. A climax he will surely own, and that will deliver him back to you, back to your room and yours alone, time after time, for more, for longer.

Benefits in Short

  • This is one of the great toys for cam models
  • Attract more privates and earn more money. The magicball will pull the focus of the window skimmer
  • Ensure longer privates. Use the magicball to hold him for longer
  • Sit yourself on the magic ball, phallus in view, to draw interest and curiosity
  • The magicball is indeed magic. As you move with it, it will indeed bring you to astonishing climaxes. Your pleasure is your guarantee of return custom

The Sensual Benefits

  • When you’re in sensual raptures, so is he. The magicball will provide you with the opportunity to ride your private to ecstasy, regardless of your mood. Regardless of the client. It’s your arousal he wants. He wants to be responsible. The Magicball makes all possible
  • A telling damp patch will broadcast your intent. This is a damp patch for which he will claim ownership. It matters not that it’s born of the impending waves of orgasm delivered to you via the magic ball. Don’t tell, illusion is your trade
  • The punters flick from screen to screen. Who knows what they seek. One thing is for certain however. When they catch a glimpse of the magic ball sitting ever so casually in the background of frame, you will have him. He must know how it works and he will demand to see you use it. In private, of course.
  • Whatever your particular flavour there is a place for the magicball in your streaming performance. Firstly, why not make work your pleasure, why not discover your potential for multiple orgasms while you’re being paid.

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