Is it sex furniture? Is it a fucking machine? Is it a dong from a demonic and dirty dimension or a dungeon weapon? It’s the magicball and it’s all of that and more! It doesn’t need batteries to create dripping wet holes, messy, sticky eruptions and multiple orgasms. It needs you, dilated, swollen and ready. Fuck latex, fuck your limp dick 9 inch dildo. But don’t fuck your slave, fuck the magicball. You’ll cum so hard you’ll never want to get off! Or is it…You’ll get of so much you’ll never want to cum. We don’t care, just don’t answer back and stop your pathetic dithering and put one in your basket now.

The magic ball is the most unique and mind blowing orgasmic BDSM sex machine to hit the market. Made from gloriously wicked rubber, it moves with you. It knows what you like yet will behave with spontaneity as if it has a mind of its own. Inflict it on your quarry or ride the magic ball to dominance, Orgasm after wild orgasm.

It’s time to add a new dimension to your house of pleasure and pain. The Magicball is wickedly versatile. Will it be your throne of dominance? Or will it be the ultimate seat of submission and humiliation?

When the Dom is attached to the Magicball she will take command of her subjects from a unique seat of power. With either her soaking puss or tight ass filled with the pleasure of a stiff incentive, she will push and manipulate her slave, as she too is pushed and manipulated by her Magicball throne of domination. The outcome is explosive and wet. Buy one in purple to embellish the décor and heighten the mood.

Now, from your submissive charge, obedience is certain. Aboard the Magicball, his prostate overwhelmed, his exposed and swollen cock ripe for whipping. Dress him as a gimp, cuff him to the rubber handles and have him bounce on the magicball to satisfy your whims. He likes it. He loves it. Holding back his explosive climax will be agonising. Punish him should he shoot before your command, he knows he is forbidden. Purchase the pink magic ball and complete his humiliation.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Made from rubber with two handles to grip and aid thrust, dong is always erect and will slide into all of your holes with orgasmic ease.
  • The Magicball is totally unique and will create a brand new  avenue for wicked domination
  • As a prop alone it adds a new shape of sexual curiosity that will enhance the mood of your dungeon
  • The Magicball is a unique and versatile BDSM toy. Submissive or dominant the magic ball is a sure path to new games, new sensations and wicked, mind blowing orgasms
  • The magic ball is easy to use. It is ideal for the master of domination and perfect for the timid newbie on their first steps into the wicked and sensual world of BDSM